Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 12/30/20

my favorite poets

I don’t think
you know
who you are
but I know
who you are I
am malformed like
you are.

we are born this way.
to listen to
live ghosts.
to give them
our voices.

©2020 Tanya Rakh All rights reserved.

Tanya Rakh was born on the outskirts of time and space in a cardboard box. After extensive planet-hopping, she currently makes her home near Houston, Texas where she writes poetry, surrealist prose, and cross-genre amalgamations and works as a professional manuscript editor. Her poetry has appeared in journals including Danse Macabre, Literary Orphans, Yes, Poetry, and Miletus International Literature Journal and is featured in several issues of Alien Buddha e-zine. Her first poetry collection, Hydrogen Sofi, was published in 2019 by Hammer & Anvil Books.

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