Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/13/21

Today’s World

Cognitive Illusion
Emotion Arousing
Images, Opinions, Slants,
Labels, Markers
Us or Them
Facebook Products, Youtube Targets, Twitter Freaks
You Should Think
Like Me

Demigods Split People
For Control
Choose a Side
What Prevents Social Discourse ¿
Rips the Fabric of a Society
Or Societies ¿
Disinformation Works
Stir the Pot
Stoke the Fire

We Are All Vulnerable
To Biases and Viruses
Polish the Lense of Us Versus Them
Hear What You Want
We Are All Right
Have Some Inspired Hate
Politicians Create Fear, Loyalty
Which Side Are You On?
We Are All Hacked

Slow Down Though
We Really Are The Same
Our Values Deep Down
We Understand the Stories
We Are Mixed Like Salad
My Neighbor, A Catholic
Who I Never Spoke to
Mowed My Lawn
When I Was Sick

©2021 el gallo sabio All rights reserved.

This was written by el gallo sabio, a mochilero who spends his days in an underground marijuana club in Barcelona where he consumes copious amounts of Pilar, a Venezuelan cerveza, to charge the creative ions in his bones.

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