Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/15/21


a new day begins with a spill of ray-
so does ache cringe through a severed bone.
lips hallow with moans-
like guilt of a bitter confession.

everything seems heavenly-
until darkness doors our rooms.
if you scrum the lines again-
you shall witness light sitting by an edge.

there are voices in the letterings of silence
the beginning fricative noises to venus
brings back applause for the years of dogged-pull
through the glint of limiting heights.

throw chatters on the bough
& you will find your ears
reaping-the harvest of cheers for the wars of dreams
fought through the wrestling-jabs of perseverance.

Β©2021 Ojo Olumide Emmanuel All rights reserved.

Ojo Olumide Emmanuel is a Nigerian poet and book editor. His works have appeared and forthcoming at Shallowtale Review, Feral, Quills, Poets in Nigeria (PIN), WRR, The Nigerian Review (TNR) and elsewhere.
He is an Assistant Editor at The Nigerian Review (Teens/Interview Section). He is also an Alumnus of the SprinNG Writers Fellowship.

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