Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/22/21

Between The Yard And The Bars

An empty cell
amongst lines of empty cells
in which we project
murdered artworks

the angels of our ancestors
with the ghosts of our grandparents,
the aliens of our fathers
with the celebrities of our youth,

mass produced,
easy to view
and filtered through
the eyes of the great marketing department
in the sky

who string up the painters
and kick the chairs,
line up the poets
and take pot shots at will,
slit the singers throats
with handed down shivs
and fuck us all in the showers,
their soap bars hidden
in monogrammed socks

where there were once gods
there are now chasms
of empty skies
and dark lies
which we abandon,
leaving only
the whispering songs of delusion
or the emptiness of the yard
we now call home.

©2021 Dave Cullern All rights reserved.

Dave Cullern is a poet based in Hastings, UK. He is a doting cat mother, the vocalist of the band Haest and runs the coffee company, Sham City Roasters. His debut poetry collection, Fuck Ballads #1 Modern Extremes is available now. @fuckballads

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