Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 02/05/21


It’s the reason why the first thing a child draws
is a sun in the sky, a lofty circle accentuated
with squiggly lines and two eyes;
a big smile in the center because sunny days
bring smiling faces.
It’s the reason stick figure families are never
complete without oversized grins,
because we’re conditioned to prioritize happiness at an early age;
instilling a persisting life pursuit.
And maybe smiling faces are more fun to draw than frowns;
perhaps sketching rain requires more work.
But what if sunny days aren’t always reality,
and happiness brings complacency;
a stagnation of growth and ambition.
So what if the goal isn’t perpetual bliss,
it’s balance, an ability to embrace
success and failure; to feel the good with the bad;
the sun and the rain.
Because the most inspiring works and triumphs
come from places of pain.

©2021 Chris Cooper All rights reserved.

An English literature graduate of James Madison University, Chris currently works full-time as a senior copywriter and part-time as a freelance copy editor and marketing writer. His short story, “The Swim” was recognized as the Best in Fiction for 2019 at Across the Margin, and his 2020 short story, “Finn Almost Buys a Goldfish” won the “Emerging Writer’s Award” at Spank the Carp Magazine. His work has also been featured in Misery Tourism Magazine and elsewhere.

10 thoughts on “Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 02/05/21”

  1. This is great stuff! I loved Chris’ short stories, but this is concise and cutting, like a mini short read, exceptional work from a talented writer.

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  2. A lot to decipher here, and I’ve been reading Chris’ work since he was first published, so you know it’s on purpose! This whole poem really plays with the concept of “sun and rain” as symbols of “good and bad” things. It starts out very playful, referencing innocent children drawing suns, and how it’s more fun to draw smiling faces. Then it transitions to a more somber tone, discussing how sunny days and smiles aren’t always reality., suggesting that maybe “the sun” isn’t always the answer, and perhaps a balance of both elements is what we need, because we can’t appreciate the sun without knowing the rain. This writer is SERIOUSLY going to places. Well done!

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  3. incredibly thought-provoking; this writer does a fantastic job at delineating perspective, like a seasoned photographer, showing us life through a different lens. Chris Cooper continues to put out beautiful prose and poetry!

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