Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 02/26/21

free ballad

shooting up raggedy winds
blood crimson frost
faraway nights,
Montreal, she’s there
tender eyed

walking lightstreaks ahead of me
I stumble shiny stockyards into
morning future fogs
yesteryear tatoos fading on thin dreamrail hearts

she never liked to walk as a kid
ice creams summers along the Seine

she loves me,,
gotta fly

wwoz on, funky as ever
in the midnite boil

a lot of me in her
torn tender grasses, blue moon trances

as lamposts gleam broad street
endless roads await her hot tire rampage tracks

purr,, run the engine
it’s all yours baby

©2021 Michael D. Amitin All rights reserved.

Poet and musician Michael D. Amitin, gravelled the roads of the American West from California- east through the smoky burgs and train depot diners of Western Colorado where he lived before moving to Paris, France. Amitin’s poems have been published in Poetry Pacific, California Quarterly, and others. A current collaboration with Parisian photographer Julie Peiffer has given rise to the “Riverlights” project.

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