Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/15/21

Hierarchy of Needs

We are climbing through
the Maslow’s hierarchy
one block at a time,
when all of a sudden we slip on
its mossy surface to
to see our pyramid crumble down.
The great pause ensues
or precedes this destruction,
where the crow watches
from his high seat how
the mighty have tumbled to ground.
He is uncaged, nonchalant
we are afraid, also ignorant.
We are tourists in our own town,
gaping at the novelty.
We challenged gods
and thus we will forever hang
like spiders as a penalty.
Through the windows of
our panic rooms,
the same view is skewed
our take on existence was dusty
time for it to be renewed.
We are unsafe, insecure
Yet we have a shelter
as our redeeming cover.
Life as we know is arrested
though mind is free to ferry.
We are now transcending
with the knowledge that
we are just ordinary.

©2021 Akshaya Pawaskar All rights reserved.

Akshaya Pawaskar is a doctor practicing in India and poetry is her passion. Her poems have been published in Tipton Poetry journal, the punch magazine, Shards, The blue nib, North of oxford, Indian rumination, Rock and sling among many others. She had been chosen as the winner of ekphrastic poetry competition 2020 by Craven arts council , third place winner of poetry matters project contest 2020 and second place winner of blue nib chapbook contest 2018.

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