Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/26/21

That window

Morning and evening and night
I through the window of my house …
I see the sun, the moon and the stars are coming ….
The sky is torn and hanging
There is no hunger for the sound
Of birds through my window ….
That sparrow and the crow
Just coming near me and leaving ….
However ….
If I close the window …
Why is nothing coming ??
In the hands of nature ….
That is what it means that we live
Makes sense to me
What makes my life breathless is its effect
If this is …. no exaggeration
That too is not a lie

©2021 Otteri Selvakumar All rights reserved.

I am Otteri Selvakumar

Working alternative medicine doctor- Social thinker – Peace lover

My 1st English poetry book Publish at 2005

Before 2004 I will try to writing poetry about with in English
websites supported I was writing so much poems at so many websites
after started writing Facebook groups and my Facebook timeline also…

Writing Haiku and poems world wide 32 languages publishing Book’s
wrote and singing English Rap and Tamil Gana song’s

I am writing now with my poems own style in worldwide people my life way
peace with love and valuable for humanity..

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