Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 04/07/21

Into the Noon

…yeah, it should have been a barfly
or a fisherman – something like that –
but he was just one of the accountants;
little, bald guy who always had something
new to tell me: “Shoulda seen this new one…”
“Wouldn’t believe how much I had last night…”

…stuff like that usually, but this one time
he came in calmly and sat down quietly,
and I rolled my eyes and was waiting for it,
but it never came. I actually had to ask for it:
“Finally got custody.” And that was all he said,
that was all he said to anyone the entire day…

Truth comes out like that, like hello to a friend,
like how telling these stories is just to say I’m sick of hey.

©2021 Carson Pytell All rights reserved.

Carson Pytell is a Pushcart nominated writer living outside Albany, NY whose work has appeared in numerous venues online and in print, including Artifact Nouveau, Perceptions Magazine, NoD Magazine, Rabid Oak and White Wall Review, among others. He serves on the editorial board of the journal Coastal Shelf , and his short collection, First-Year (Alien Buddha Press, 2020) and chapbook, Trail (Guerrilla Genesis Press, 2020) are now available. In December 2020 he participated in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project.

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