Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 04/09/21

Wild is Wild

The unknown
we explored and abused.
When since Genesis warned
to avoid the forbidden.
It is necessary to treat hunger,
but gluttony’s a deadly sin.
Curiosity furthers the race,
but humanity is naturally limited.
“Remember Lot’s wife.”,
so we go on our way;
“Remember Icarus.”,
so we don’t go too far.
The middle way
was set aside, in
grasping a scepter
of inheritance, dominion,
over the beasts of Earth.
In a year of revelation,
we discover astounded
that some wild things
just don’t submit —
learned too late.

©20201 Maed Rill Monte All rights reserved.

Maed Rill Monte is a poet living in the Philippines. He’s had poems published in Anti-Heroin Chic and Trouvaille Review among others.

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