C.M.P. May Featured Writer Lineup

Graphic Art by J.D.C.IV

Well, folks, it’s May! Time to sew someone inside of a bear carcass and dance around the Maypole in flower crowns after drinking magick tea. I’m kidding . . . kind of. It sounds fun to me. Hey, whatever floats yer boat.

As usual, I’ve got a killer lineup this month. Infinite thanks to everyone who sent and/or is still sending work. Cajun Mutt Press wouldn’t exist without y’all. If you’d like to submit some writing, send 1-3 poems to cajunmuttpress@gmail.com along with a bio and author photo. I have two spots left to fill at the end of June, then I’ll start reading for July. Still not taking manuscripts but keep your eyes peeled for a book release later this month. “I Hear Your Music Playing Night and Day” by Dave O’Leary will be available by mid/late May. We don’t have an exact publication date yet.

Again, thank y’all for sticking with me over these past few years. This has definitely been a wild journey. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I decided to start a publishing company. But I’ve met some talented writers, made some good friends, and watched this grow into something that I’m pretty proud of. Looking forward to seeing this thing through with y’all until the inevitable end, but hopefully, it will live on forever.

Write On,

May 2021 Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writers:

My Three Graces
by Judge Santiago Burdon

Butterfly Confidential
by L.B. Sedlacek

Return: El Dia de los Muertos
by TAK Erzinger

if social media
by Wolfgang Carstens

Our Endless Making
by John Drudge

by Sanjeev Sethi

For a Moment
by Paul “Gully” Richards

Last Will and Testament
by Joe Szalinski

2 Poems
by Ashley L. Cooke

by Carol Edwards

Out of the Loop
by Dan Provost

Conspiracy of a four-leaf clover
by Melanie Browne

incubator, ossia don’t ruin it
by Brian Alvarado

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