Cajun Mutt Press FeaturedWriter 05/03/21

My Three Graces

arizona goddess blossom of society’s elite
living your mother’s dreams and wishes.
scottsdale pretty boys

vail heiress
your wealth cultivated from
beans and canned corn condominium queen

santa barbara debutante
daddy’s money choking your freedom
bmw mentality
calculated bad girl

i’m cheap beer and generic cigarettes
not cognac and cigars
it’s your world
with checkbooks balanced
paris holidays
matching bras and panties
your questions never go unanswered
my world
sweat stained collar
southside of chicago
worn like a tattoo
exposed in my speech
dago kid with coarse demeanor
public schools vagrant morals
empty pockets
you take me in like a stray puppy name after bronte’s heathcliff
i bark poetry scratch words of love
i howl romance
you give me groomed pussy
airplane tickets and dead presidents
in return for orgasms
rendered as restitution
a gift with the price tag unremoved
you make love to me in pity
i tongue your trigger in triumph
holes in my socks amuse you
tan lines and lipstick shades your life’s concerns
my existence paid for with humility
yours with credit cards never overextended
balances rising
long distance phone lines crackle
more empty promises.

Β©2021 Judge Santiago Burdon All rights reserved.

Judge Santiago Burdon

On an unseasonably cool July morning in Chicago, equivalent to David Copperfield, Judge Santiago Burdon was born on a Friday. The Bronte sisters, Keats, Burns and Dickens inspired his study of English Literature. He attended Universities in the United States, London and Paris focusing his studies on Victorian novels and authors.

His short stories and poems have been featured in a variety of magazines, on-line zines and podcasts; The Remnant Leaf, Stay Weird and Keep Writing, The Dope Fiend Daily, Independent Writer’s Blog, Spillwords, The Beatnik Cowboy, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Eskimo Pie, The Stray Branch, Anti-Heroin Chic, Raven Cage, Horror Sleaze Trash, Across The Margin, The Story Pub as well as numerous Anthologies.

His book Stray Dogs and Deuces Wild Cautionary Tales was published January 2020 by HST Publishing.

His book of poems “Not Real Poetry” is expected to be released early 2021. He is presently engaged in finishing his novel “Imitation of Myself.” A non-fiction story detailing his experiences as a drug runner for a Mexican Cartel. Judge celebrated his 65th birthday last July and lives modestly in Costa Rica.

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