Coming Soon From Cajun Mutt Press

Keep your eyes peeled May 25th for our next book release, I Hear Your Music Playing Night and Day by Dave O’Leary!I

I Hear Your Music Playing Night and Day is “a great collection with a heaviness that sticks with you. Yet there’s a sense of levity and love, like hope, shining through…By the way, it reads very nicely while listening to Mad Season.”
Clint Brownlee, author of Pearl Jam’s Vs. (33 1/3, Volume 154)

“Here, Dave O’Leary lays down the truth of the matter – school days, bus days, days spent in Korea, days here at home in the United States, loves lost, life gained and just a touch – just a touch, mind you – of it all on the edge. Not every book is worth laying your hard-earned money for but, trust me, you can only come out a winner with Dave here. He’ll take you right through the eye of the beast and out the other side. And you’ll be glad you came.”
Will Mayo, author of The Shells Encasing Our Nothingness

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