Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 05/31/21

incubator, ossia don’t ruin it

are you not
yet entirely
made of stardust

from spinning circular
stops, blue to purple in
all of your field research,
harvesting the rocks
of kings?

were you not
made new in it?

i flinch.

i sent the gift of the four eyed lion-
you the woman between the windows-
an even exchange

it yielded valor, the sweetest rounded
candies- yours a speckled egg, and stone
chipped off the sun

while you can’t affect
the individual values
hatched upon you, you
can drag the shiny dot
across the parabola
towards the point
of what we perceive
as perfection
that much

until i can savor that
golden berry
i will walk
however long it takes.

©2021 Brian J. Alvarado All rights reserved.

Brian J. Alvarado

Brian is still searching for the words. Other attempts exist in Bay View Literary Magazine, 3Elements Review, Rivercraft Magazine, DenimSkin Review, Squawk Back, and Contraposition, among others. A native and current Bronxite, he holds a Bachelor of attempts in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University. @wrdsrch;

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