C.M.P. Featured Writers, June 2021

Here we stand at the gates of summer, the bees all drunk on honey-dew. You can smell the world blooming as flower buds burst to expose nature’s jewels.

June offers us its warm windy days and nice cool nights, then July kicks in the gates and sprays everything with its flamethrower. You either love the summer heat or you don’t. I’m more of a cold weather soul, but I dig the smell of roses and getting drunk with bees.

Okay, you know the drill, below is the June lineup. If you’d like to submit, send 1-3 poems to cajunmuttpress@gmail.com along with a bio and author photo. I have a few August spots left then I’ll be reading for September. Please put the poems in the body of the email, it’s just easier for me that way. Don’t need to open another document after opening the email.

Still NOT taking manuscripts, but keep your eyes peeled for our next release coming in July. I’ll make a post revealing the author and title later this month.

Love Y’all, Stay Poetic.

Write On,

C.M.P. Featured Writers, June, 2021:

Basking in innocence & flight
by Merritt Waldon

Life at Little Row
(dedicated to Karen Bourne)
by Ian Lewis Copestick

Sharp Haze
by Paul Tanner

at Horny Toad Cafe
by Allan Lake

2 Poems
by Alan Bern

Wolf Moon fog
by Carrie Magness Randa

by Jonathan Butcher

Pit Stop
by Aimee Nicole

by Clay Hunt

the peel will remember the orange
by Paul Koniecki

The Whisper
by el gallo sabio

Deep-fried Daffodils
by Sarah Mackey Kirby

by Shanon Frost Greenstein

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