Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 06/07/21

sharp haze

have a gooden, I said
as I gave him his fags and change.

you getting your tattoos removed?
he nodded at my arm.

no, I told him. why?

looks like you are, he shrugged.
you know, cos they’re all faded
and your skin’s really dry?

he got halfway to the doors
then turned around.

really fucking dry, he said.

when he got outside
he turned back again.

he looked like he wanted to say
something else …

but in the end
he just went away instead.

I went back to putting discount stickers
on the liquorice sweets.

it was minus seven degrees in Banff, Alberta
the tomato was a fruit
and I would kill again.

©2021 Paul Tanner Allrights reserved.

Paul Tanner has been earning minimum wage and hounding “the littles” about it for 15 years. His latest collection, Shop Talk: Poems for Shop Workers was published by Penniless Press last year. His star sign is Libido. Hobbies include bombing, looting and colouring in.

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