Cajun Mutt Press Bibliography

Holding the Door for Barbarians

by Mark Berriman

After the Fall

by William Teets

Shooting Myself in the Dark

by Carrie Magness Radna

Victory Slab

by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Black Tourmaline Dreams

by Dusty Jaggers

The Mourning Hour

by Frogg Corpse

Halloween Anthology Zine no. 1

by Cajun Mutt Press 2022


by David Alec Knight

Layers of Half-Sung Hymns

by Aleathia Drehmer

Perfection is Failure

by Will Mayo

How do you recycle a Siberian tiger?

by R. Keith

A Home to Crouch In

by Hugh Blanton

Before the Bridges Fell

by David L O’Nan

Seven Times Down

by Wilfred Hildonen

Poetry Grimoire 2nd Edition “Psychedelic Demon Rainbow Fire”

Cover Art by J.D.C.IV

Poetry Grimoire 1st Edition “Spirit Owl”

Cover Art by J.D.C.IV

Somniloquy & Trauma in the Knottseau Well

by Tim Heerdink

The Adventures of Brain Man

by Ron Whitehead

Bone Talking

by Will Mayo

A Screaming Place

by Brian Rihlmann

I Hear Your Music Playing Night and Day

By Dave O’Leary

Oracles from a Strange Fire

By Merritt Waldon & Ron Whitehead

The Queen & Her Devil: A Sacred Journey Through Love and Contracts

By Rani Whitehead


By R. Keith

The Shells Encasing Our Nothingness

By Will Mayo

Written in Darkness

By Anthony Watkins

Fracture Point

By Rani Whitehead

Sharks & Butterflies

By John D Robinson

Unwritten Words That Slide Down The Wall

By James Dennis Casey IV

Safer Behind Popcorn

By Sean Hanrahan

Hoodoo Voodoo And Other Strange Stories

By Will Mayo

Stick Figure Opera

By Howie Good

Around the bend

By R. Keith

Death & Love/Love & Death

By James D. Casey IV

Miles of Sky Above Us, Miles of Earth Below

By Steve Denehan


By R. Keith

Where Hot Rods Ride

By Mendes Biondo

Requiem for a Robot Dog

By Lauren Scharhag

Dreams Of Mongolia

By Will Mayo

Detritus Of The Drunken Night

By Ian Lewis Copestick

Wild Rose Country

By R. Keith

This Many Years After the War

By Matthew Borczon

Juggernaut Fuzz

By Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Dark Linings

By Joanne Olivieri


By R. Bremner


By Red Focks

Owls in Hot Rods with Pink Elephants and Dead Bats

By J.D. Casey IV


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