Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 06/23/21

the peel will remember
the orange

—for my daughter Serena

old bells
playing at suns must

for waxing moons
or waning peals

the sound of
metaphor racing

cast spells
turning years into dust

and there we are
back again

to the time
when you were four

and we took pictures
of prairie dogs

at the fort worth zoo
you said their holes

were nostrils
in the nose of god

one of us never so happy
to be young

©2021 Paul koniecki All rights reserved.

Paul Koniecki

Paul Koniecki lives and writes in Dallas, Texas. He was once chosen for the John Ashbery Home School Residency. His poems feature in Richard Bailey’s movie “One of the Rough” distributed by AVIFF Cannes. His books are available from Kleft Jaw Press, NightBallet Press, Dark Particle Press, and Spartan Press. Paul proudly sits on the editorial board of Thimble Literary Magazine.
His latest, Go Fast – The Trixie Racer Files, is soon to be out through Between Shadows Press.

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