Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/02/21

I Hear All This

Ya know? I hear all this
Bitchin’ and moanin’
About how life is just
So damn fucked up.
The wife done up and left.
You’re probably better off
Without the worthless hag.
‘Course, she’s probably a lot
Better off without your old
Cantankerous deadbeat ass.
And fuck that shit about
Bein’ so everlastin’ poor.
Didja ever have any
Real money anyway?
If you been in the system
Long enough, you know
That all jobs truly suck
In some way or ‘nother.
All your friends are just
Fair weather friends.
No one around when you’re
Down and out or need help.
Long as you can reach
The bottle when you’re layin’
There on the cold floor with
That broken hip or two,
You’re doin’ all right.
But, for sure, it is a bitch,
Stuck there unable to move
And your damn dog decides to
Gnaw off a big toe.

©2021 Daniel S. Irwin All rights reserved.

Daniel S. Irwin

Daniel S. Irwin was born, raised, and is back in town at Sparta, Illinois. His card reads: Artist, Actor, Writer, Soldier, Scholar, Priest. He has won awards for his art, acting (over 100 films and 30+ stage productions), writing (nine books and work published in over one hundred magazines and journals world-wide), retired military (Air Force and Army), graduate of Southern Illinois University/Carbondale and has attended four other universities), and is an ordained Dudeist priest with a Ph.D. in Divinity (not bad for a heathen). Once worked as a medic in an institution for the criminally insane…but didn’t notice anything strange about the inmates. Latest on-line work can be found on Horror, Sleaze, Trash Magazine and Beatnik Cowboy. He would love to move back to Europe but fears the plague.

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