Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/16/21

Introduction To Apocalyptic Fiction

Violence is the bloody afterbirth of an ubiquitous
they. It hasn’t the slightest idea how to dream

nor begin anything new except maybe logic’s next
beating. It locks Empathy behind closed doors

where it can be heard scratching and whimpering
with its weaker sister Compassion in nothing more

than a liars’ game waiting out that gas-filled hose
of loathing threading its way through the keyhole

to kill them both off before they can rise up and
find the guts to fight their way back to us. The they

are we and we are truly out of luck if we don’t crack
through that truth soon. What waits grinning for us

on the other side is so horrific to think about that
it petrifies all our shimmering tomorrows when the shit

will really hit the fan and we might just come to forget
what all this self-vindicating justification was all about.

©2021 Michael Thomas Ellis All rights reserved.

Michael Thomas Ellis

The author has been published in The Talking Stick, Open Arts Forum, New Verse News, Waymark, Tuck Magazine, Dark Sire, the anthology Moving Images: Poetry Inspired by Film, upcoming in Anti-Heroin Chic, and frequently in his favorite daily breakfast treat, The Drabble.

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