Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 08/25/21

All the roads which lead to roam

walking through nightshade
walking through moonscape
lights in the sky wink off and on
people gazing with unseen starlight in their eyes
drowsily wondering why

walking through purple haze
on the dark side of the moon
falling through empty space
listen to the howling of the wolves
gathering at the gates of dawn

behold the abundance of our world
the rich beauty of running blood
uncover your ears
turn to the screams rising from scorched soil
await the rise of the threatening flood

there’s a shadow hidden in the secret of dreams
invisible fingers reaching for the soft of throats
footprints left by someone unknown
disappearing towards the horizon
laughter seeping through cracks in the walls

when the sky trembles
don’t look back
don’t look around
when clouds depart
keep on walking
eyes to the ground
when lightning strikes
don’t look back
don’t look around

and all those roads which lead to roam
won’t help you find your way home
no, all those roads which lead to roam
won’t help you find your way home

©2021 Wilfred Hildonen All rights reserved.

Wilfred Hildonen

Wilfred Hildonen was born on a Sunday, the 15th of March 1953, by the banks of the river Tana which forms the border between Norway and Finland, as far north as the countries go, in the Arctic zone. He is mainly of Sami and Finnish ancestry, the Sami being the indigenous people of Northern Europe, living across and divided by four nation states – Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Aside from this he is also partly Karelian, which is a Russian republic today, the home of Kalevala, the Finnish national epos. His Karelian ancestors were known to be among the best rune-singers, wandering storytellers who brought the ancient tales of Kalevala down through the ages. Through his paternal grandmother, he is also part Romani, a people akin to the Roma, otherwise known as gypsies.

He was born in the ruins of WWII, as the retiring German occupants burnt down everything up there, so although eight years had passed, he lived his first months in an earthen dwelling, built out of dried peat, before his family moved into a cottage with one room and a kitchen. He has been on the move since then and has lived for shorter and longer periods in Greece, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Portugal and Brazil. At present he lives on the Åland Islands, an autonomous region of Finland, located in the middle of the Baltic Ocean.

He has been working as an editorial cartoonist and illustrator since 1992, mostly for the largest Finnish daily in the Swedish language, Hufvudstadsbladet. Aside from that he paints, mostly abstract, and he writes and so far he has published one book in Norwegian; Livet – kort og godt or Life In Short. One of the stories here, Four Hares in a Boat, was inspired by an artwork of the English artist Shelly Wyn-De-Bank, and it has been sent on a local radio station based outside London, read by the English actor Tony Ffitch. The poem Spring Ballad/Vårvise was included in an international project initiated by Ron Whitehead called From The Ancestors: Poems and Prayers for Future Generations. He also created the cover art for that project. In 2022 his book Seven Times Down – prose and poems will be published by Cajun Mutt Press.

He is fluent in four languages; Norwegian, English, Swedish and Portuguese. He also understands Danish and some German and Spanish, but very little Finnish.

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