Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 08/27/21


the day from tomorrow
taking a married woman out
to a fancy meal
and a show.

back at a motel
she’ll massage my ego ergo

as i laid on her breast
after calling out to mother
after scotch
and jello shots.

call her up at 4 in the morning
after being rejected by
makers mark and cocaine

tellin you i loathe
where i gotta go
u gotta do u gotta do u gotta do rag
in this worldly body and tongue
under such and such

I’m hopping right back on the train.
Towards wherever I’m from
opening opening up the window

and waving

to the vacant platform collecting

fog and dust.

“Son: it’s alright to head into the valley every so often, so long as you come back to dryer ground. “-Pup-Pup said.

©2021 A.P. Lewis All rights reserved.

A.P. Lewis

This poem is from the forth-coming ‘No Variation on the Old Theme
A.P. Lewis has been published in Reclaiming Our Voices poetry anthology on Amazon— in 4th and Sycamore the Cleveland Main Library, Other Rooms Press, and most recently Agony Opera out of India.

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