Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 08/30/21

chris and his fucking jet fuel kicks

chris and pam moved into a little rambler
by the airport
it was their first house
chris was 3 years sober
pam drank socially
they didn’t keep anything in the house
that chris could get into
he’d been hooked on damn near everything
things went alright the first year
but pam saw a change in him
he wasn’t acting right
he wasn’t himself
not the same anyway…
it was like he was high on something
like he was on a light drunk
that he couldn’t shake
one morning she found a ladder against the roof
he said he didn’t know nothing about it
but then it happened again
a ladder against the house,
this time out back
he played dumb…
then pam got to talking to a neighbor
some old hag with a maltese and a black son
they were talking about how low the planes flew
they were right in the flight path
the neighbor said the pilots from northwest
would dump their fuel before landings

light bulb…

the next night pam stayed up
she took a 5 hour energy shot
she heard him turn off the TV
then she heard him at the door
then she heard him up on the roof
she sneaked out the back
and stood by the garage
she saw him up there
on the peak of the roof by the little chimney
a plane was coming in for landing and he was up there…
arms outstretched…
his mouth open to the sky…
trying to suck up all the jet fuel
he could get his greasy little addict’s hands on

©2021 Adam Johnson All rights reserved.

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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