Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer Halloween Special

for Jacob Snider

In the depths of my wishing well lies a new monster
who wears a mask made from the flesh of a friend
known famously strange as both the wolf
and the rabbit. A Mad Hatter, a Cas One
from another dimension, where every-
thing is nothing and unlike the truth.
Look into the Fake Jake’s eyes,
they appear to flash hues
yet to be created in
the place called home.
Of all the hip-hopsters alive,
why must this talent make cameos
in the most peculiar interludes sandwiched
between one cranial quadrant and the precious
stem which creates these random artistic projections?
These moments see no Chemical H collaboration
nor do they offer revelations about the future,
premonitions to help stop catastrophe from
entering into our temporary existence.
Instead of miniature cups of tea,
this imposter downs whiskey
and smacks the many asses
his female entourage
offer him before
departing to
give us
Killer egos
make their presence
known with each laugh
as he points to his golden record
hanging on a wall; the game’s spoils.
Before telling me I’ve been home all along,
Cas peels back the seam from underneath the hat
towering carefully atop his grand caricature-sized head
and shows me while I stumble on a painted blonde disguised
as an ottoman with the finest details present on the arch of her back
that the only real monsters there are in this world are the ones hiding within.

©2021 Tim Heerdink All rights reserved.

Tim Heerdink

Tim Heerdink is the author of The Human Remains (Bird Brain Publishing, 2019), Red Flag and Other Poems (Bird Brain Publishing, 2018), Razed Monuments (Finishing Line Press, 2020), Checking Tickets on Oumaumua (Midwest Writers Guild, 2021), Ghost Map (Between Shadows Press, 2021), Sailing on the Edge of Time, I Hear a Siren’s Call (Roaring Junior Press, 2021), (Between Shadows Press, 2021), Tabletop Anxieties & Sweet Decay (with Tony Brewer) (Roaring Junior Press, 2021), Somniloquy & Trauma in the Knottseau Well (Cajun Mutt Press, 2021), the novel, Last Lights of a Dying Sun (TBA), and short stories, “The Tithing of Man” and “HEA-VEN2”. Heerdink is president of the Midwest Writers Guild. He resides in Newburgh, Indiana with his wife, daughters, dog, and two cats.

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