Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 12/01/21


I am looming in a heart-shaped tunnel made of woven branches,
isolated from a world sprawling with grievances & palm tree bankrolls.

Birthed from the gutter. A growth in the parallels of partying cornrows.
It’s where the farmer’s broken hand is the dignity of the labor movement.

The garter snakes are usually freed. It’s a common courtesy,
like making my inpatient repertoire into humor that zaps across the tabletops.

Have a cup of Death Wish & listen to The Chariot — you’ll have a breakthrough

in “Phenomenology of Spirit”. It will encourage hands to knead the deep soil.

©2021 Brooke Nicole Plummer All rights reserved.

Brooke Nicole Plummer

Brooke Nicole Plummer has misplaced her water bottle, cell phone, and this biography because legally prescribed amphetamine can only last for so long. She is the author of Flyover, Compiled Nothings, Shaggy Frog, Ceremonious, and Shutting Up for the Drillbit (a collaborative chapbook featuring Erik Keister’s artwork). Other works can be found through Alien Buddha Press, ExPat, and Misery Tourism.

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