Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/05/22

GLORIOUS WEIRDNESS (I often lose myself in)

I spent this glorious afternoon lost in sci-fi
Weird mad and sometimes just really really
Bad the movies I love are crazed fifties
And sixties oddities that not even my parents
Have heard of.

My dad, born in 1940, claims to have gone
To the cinema almost every single day as a
Child, no doubt through some side-door, and
He shudders with incredulity about a film
He’s never heard of.

“Where do you find them?” he’ll ask and
I’ll say that for a mind like mine it’s easy as
The odd
The outsider has always been a thing for me as
I’ve always loved stuff most people ain’t ever heard of.

So my parents ain’t alone and on a lot of
Things we’ll agree as he’s tuned in to some of
My music but again I’ll sometimes catch him
Out when I tell him about some great unknown
Sixties band he missed first time around.

“The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band” I’ll
Say and he won’t have a clue until I play him
The sublime ‘Transparent Day’ and he knows my
Good taste comes from a good place, a place
Destined to always seek out the stuff unknown.

©2022 Bradford Middleton All rights reserved.

Bradford Middleton

Bradford Middleton began writing poetry aged 35, began publishing it aged 39, his first, Untouched by Madness, was picked up those great souls at the Mad Swirl, and now aged 50 has four chapbooks, three of which have sold out but his most recent, As The Sun Shines Hard Outside My Window published in 2020 by Analog Submission Press, is still available.  Do yourself a favour and go pick up a copy!

1 thought on “Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/05/22”

  1. This is the kind of poem one might find in Scary Monsters magazine! I love the nostalgia in this, and the push/pull between father and son over movies, I think, is something I can relate to, and I am sure others may as well. One day I called my kid up and said I just watched The Snow Creature, Phantom From Space, and Killers From Space that evening, unplanned and not realizing until after that they were all Lee Wilder films! And the music thing too, though I had to tell them about King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, which should have been the other way around… I do like to see dialogue used well in a poem now and then, and you utilized it well in this one.

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