Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 05/13/22

The Code Of Hammurabi

They Omitted my name
Tried to strip we of My power
My Influence
My Touch of chaos

Fear expressed as
Silence by the King of
Babylon himself
Wearing the shroud of Paraskevidekatriaphobia
Akkadian diorite stele
Carved in Ebony
Unearthed and Forever
Depicting in the oldest Laws
The eternal Sun God Shamash
Dictates the rules for Man

I am
the unwanted
Thirteenth guest
with a kiss from Judas
Loki’s mischievous grin
As the world turns dark

It was Eve that gave the
forbidden fruit to ADAM
and it was Cain that spilled
the blood of Abel
In my name

The Army of The Church
The Knights of the Lord
The Templars hunted deceived
French King turns on loyalty
Spilling Blood of
The New Saints that took
The mission of their Christ

Gioachino Rossini
master composer
Man of fear
devoured by cancer
fell at my
hands took his
final breath
upon my name

The bombing
of Buckingham Palace
the result of my Grace

I watched Kitty Genovese’
light fade from her eyes

The rain of lead poured
Down Upon New Caesar’s Rome
Blood filled the streets
Tupac’s voice … silenced

Psycho Birds take 39 steps
to The Rear Window
Suspicion, Shadow of Doubt
Vertigo Vertical Frenzy
The birth of horror
mystery suspense
Anointed by my hand

I am eternity
I always will Be
I come once
Three times a year
I revolve around the
Gregorian Calendar
Hopscotch dance
Between visitations


You can
Always count on me
The One and the Three
As Friday arrived
The mask reveals
My Name

©2022 Matthew Bowers All rights reserved.

Matthew Bowers

MB93 has been featured in the New anthology Spotlight, and worked with Ron Whitehead on a dynamic audio experience of The New Beat Generation Manifesto & The Calling. Also in print with The Lothlorian Poetry Journal, Dumpster Fire Press, Lucifer’s Retreat, Alien Buddha Press, and Gas Poetry Art & Music as featured poet and reviewer. Also appeared in the 2021 International Beat Poetry Festival. In 2022 participated in The Goddess Festival as well as Jack Kerouac’s 100th Year Birthday Anniversary Celebration. He has done several featured book reviews. Designed several book covers, and has been Published by Deadmans’s Press Ink with his first book titled Something Witchy This Way Comes available on Amazon.

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