Now Available from Cajun Mutt Press!

How do you recycle a Siberian tiger? by R. Keith

I still don’t know how to adequately recycle a Siberian tiger after reading R. Keith’s new book but this tiger of a collection burns bright with good old fashioned hardboiled set tails (get it?) and quirky circumstances sprinkled with a dash of snotty yet self-mocking existentialism… A surreal grindhouse collection of stories with some pretty contemplative musings from Canada’s very own non-film-making Tarantino.
—Mike Zone, EIC of Dumpster Fire Press

Entitling a story “Shit Head” might suggest angsty teenage skateboard rebellion, R. Keith’s collection of short stories however, points to a considerably more sophisticated mind, well versed in humor, self-reflection, and a gift of crawling into the murky crevices of the human psyche only the most worldly of wordsmiths possess. Pop-Culture namedropping gets tedious in some hands; in R. Keith’s possession, references to Moesha soon progress to arguments on Basketball courts, while Vanishing Act is an intriguing piece full of romantic allusions to faraway places with strange sounding names that could easily take a dark twist from out of nowhere and soon become the most difficult case Columbo will ever have to solve. Mr. Keith is a unique writer, one I wish I could read more often.
—John Doyle, author of A Stirring At Dusk, and Leaving Henderson County

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