Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 05/25/22

eighty years

we’re given eighty fucking years
give or take
to get things done
eighty fucking years
to build that bridge
to construct that house
to pave that road
to carve that monument
eighty fucking years
to get it done
that’s more than enough
it took four years to build the Golden Gate
twenty years to construct the Great Pyramid
a mere 8 months of cut the Alaska Highway
fourteen years to carve Mount Rushmore
so don’t say it can’t be done
eighty fucking years
to be the architect
to take what’s given and give it back
to build those bridges
even if it’s just between you
and family and friends
construct that home
you dreamed about
pave those roads
between here and there
and to destinations unknown
carve that life
from flesh and blood
sweat and tears
laughter and love
love and more love
eighty fucking years
to be the architect
to leave your mark
to get things done

©2022 Kurt Newton All rights reserved.

Kurt Newton

Kurt Newton’s poetry has appeared in Hobo Camp Review, Heroin Love Songs, and Horror Sleaze Trash. His poetry collection, Nazi Swastika Bikini Wax Illuminati, was published by Alien Buddha Press.

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