Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 05/27/22

Pushing Back

I dislike
how night
welcomes me,
freeing my will
into the arms of
creeping shadows
just past
as the soul
pushes back
day and sun

Our Words

cloud shadows
silently pass
over your eyes,
brushing out
the winds of
as reflections
of us
drift down
from above
onto paths
where rain
cannot quench
the fire of
our words
from the years
of tides

Shadow Print

her soft thoughts
brushed through
my hair
as she spoke to me

her shadow print
cooled my skin,
warming me
to the image,
like a verse of song
rising to the surface
within a dream
you hold it,
a flower
never fading.

©2022 Dr. Roger G. Singer All rights reserved.

Dr. Roger G. Singer

Dr. Singer has had over 1,200 poems published on the internet, magazines and in books and is a Pushcart Award Nominee. Some of the magazines that have accepted his poems for publication are: Westward Quarterly, Jerry Jazz, SP Quill, Avocet, Underground Voices, Outlaw Poetry, Literary Fever, Dance of my Hands, Language & Culture, The Stray Branch, Tipton Poetry Indigo Rising, Down in the Dirt, Fullosia Press, Orbis, Penwood Review, Subtle Tea, Ambassador Poetry Award, Massachusetts State Poetry Society. Louisiana State Poetry Society Award. Readers Award Orbis Magazine 2019. Arizona State Poetry Award 2020. Mad Swirl Anthology 2018, 2019.

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