Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 06/06/22


one hundred milligrams
of Thorazine. running away with
your imagination, sense of self.

bolts seize you, turn you dizzy, little
pills, i’m asking you to drink & swallow
please show me they’re gone –

i’ll let you go, slip
into it, you’ll never come
out, white cups, containers of
orange juice, drink up

the pills. i know you’re
thirsty, & slow & tired.
even though you slept
sixteen hours, thorazine,
one hundred milligrams.

©2022 Emma Geller All rights reserved.

Emma Geller

Emma Geller is a poet, singer, and actress from Boston, MA. Her passions include cinema, listening to Elliot Smith, and drinking too much coffee. You can find out more about Emma on Instagram at em_me_line.

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