C.M.P. Halloween Zine #1

8 Days left to submit some work for the Cajun Mutt Press Halloween Anthology Zine #1!!! Send 1-3 poems, 1-3 pieces of art, or both to cajunmuttpress@gmail.com along with a short bio. Put Halloween as the subject of the email. Submissions close on Sept 30th. Here’s the lineup so far…

Frogg Corpse, Rob Burton, Will Mayo, Shannon Frost Greenstein, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Tony Brewer, Steve Denehan, Drew Campbell, Cody Grinslade, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Chuck Harp, Maureen O’Leary, Daniel S Irwin, Evie Groch, Ian Mullins, Jc Rammelkamp, David Alec Knight, Jonah Pearson, Cord Moreski, Danny D. Ford, Jerome Berglund, James D.Casey IV, Mike Zone

Short Story:
Wilfred Hildonen

Artwork & Photography:
Shelly Wyn-de-bank, Danny D. Ford, Ashley Matarama, W.D. Pollard, Tracy Whiteside, David Alec Knight, Daniel S Irwin, Frogg Corpse


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