Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 11/21/22

In the Autumn of Life

In the Autumn of my life,
When the wind of reminiscence blows,
The storm of wistful longing rages.
Swirling mists surround me.

Frozen moments of the past melt,
Old memories blow and reel,
Falling eventually on the ground of my heart
from the boughs of my mind:
pale, blur and forsaken;
discoloured and decayed;
dry and broken, they are
raked into a medley of fallen stars.

I pick them up.

They rustle
and finally crumble
with my delicate touch
leaving specks of dust on the fingers of time.

©2022 Vipanjeet Kaur All rights reserved.

Ms. Vipanjeet Kaur

Ms. Vipanjeet Kaur is a poet fond of writing poems on various themes like nature, women empowerment, self, spiritualism and life. She has also written micropoetry. Her haikus have featured in the international online journals like Haiku Dialogue of The Haiku Foundation, The Haiku Pond and the Scarlet Dragonfly Journal. She has also read research papers on the topics of Literature, Human Rights and Women Empowerment in a few international conferences and national seminars.
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