Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/06/23

Affection for You

It was gleaming
with the gaze

Affection is dumb
Affection is deaf

Like a speaker it did not speak about
the matter
like a listener it did not listen to

Till the moment of parting
it kept waiting in the eyes

In the thick green
of the desolate woods
A tune is ringing faintly

Gazing at the eyes
I want to see

Is it still alive

Oh dear
No way, no way

Cleaving the heart
comes out
a curious sigh

In the teary gaze
is it still alive

©2023 Guna Moran All rights reserved.

Guna Moran

Guna Moran is an internationally acclaimed poet and book reviewer. He has five published poetry books to his credit. His poems have been translated into 30 languages and featured in more than 200 hundred international magazines, journals, webzines, blogs, anthologies, and newspapers around the world. He lives in Assam, India.


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