Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/11/23

At Some Point, The Murderers Dropped The Knife
The Victim Found It And Handed It Back To them

Harry, I have an itch
just below the left shoulder blade.
Can’t quite reach it.
If you would be so kind,
I would be eternally grateful.

The Premature Extinction Of A Not So Rare Species

And I slept with this one
while her partner was
watering his Eupatorium Maculatum.
Joe Pye to the indoctrinated.
That’s right they need a lot of water,
basically live in the stuff.
He could be gone for hours
and that’s all the time she needed.

©2023 Colin James All rights reserved.

Colin James

Colin James has a book of poems, Resisting Probability, from Sagging Meniscus Press.
He lives in Massachusetts.


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