Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/23/23

A Reflective Ponder Amid the Jasmine and Thyme…

Green vines grow ever slowly
inching their way upwards on the porch wall.
A woman sits beside them while
lizards frolic to and fro.
Mosquitoes buzz incessantly
joining in the rhythmic sounds of
a bubbling pond…
A harmonious symphony at play as the call of birdsong awakens the day.
Yet she is lost in a world all her own-
watching the green vines grow.
And she realizes…
she, too, is a passage of time, older with each rising dawn-
a maddening inertia of a middle-aged cliche…
The resistance is real!
So she wonders in her ponder what is to be-
Will she ever awake like Alice…
asleep in reverie?
For there is no caterpillar with words of sage
No rabbit keeping time as he guides the way
Time, ever elusive, is an illusion
in which to wander the space of dreams-
to touch the shining stars no longer remote
And to know their light was never cold,
but the warm embodiment of all the souls before.

©2023 Lynn Long All rights reserved.

Lynn Long

Lynn Long
Poet, writer, dreamer
Believer in the impossible…
Residing somewhere in time

Artist at

With published pieces in the following
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2 thoughts on “Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/23/23”

  1. Thank you so very much ❣️ Truly an honor🙏 to have my words featured in Cajun Mutt Press ✍️ And I absolutely love the cover art/pic/ image that you chose to accompany the words🤗. Sincerely,Lynn🌙

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