After the Fall by William Teets is coming soon from Cajun Mutt Press! Recently finished painting the cover and putting the interior file together. Waiting on a proof copy. I’ll post some photos when it gets here.

After the Fall is a poetry collection that offers resurrection for a damaged Americana-spirituality: Blues music and barrooms, whiskey and smoke, rivers and haunted highways, leather jackets, hoodies, and Sunday’s best. . . and worst. William Teets’ poetry navigates corrupted streets, turns dangerous corners, and worships in darkened alleys. All in an unending quest for absolution, salvation, and answers.

“I often toss The Paris Review across the room after reading their poetry selections, because I all too often long for poetry to mean something. Nothing is more frustrating than reading poetry that is merely meter, failing to explore anything except that which the poet sees. Subtext is a rarity in today’s modern poems, and I think it may have to do with the lack of life our poets live. William Teets lacks neither life nor subtext. The poems in After the Fall are honest and hard-hitting. They may not be pretty, but you can’t look away. I will revisit these works often.”

G.W. Allison—author of The Final Round and The Sinful.

“William Teets writes poetry like a fallen jazz-blues-folk pagan priest. His narrative style is free and open and easy to read, but the subject matter deep and spiritual. I am reminded of the old Beat poets—can even see some Dylanesque qualities. His poems have that lyrical tone (Check out “Chillin’ with Chelsea” to see what I mean). After the Fall is for anyone, not just lovers of poetry.”

Gabriel Sebastian—Confetti magazine chief editor and founder and CEO of Word Werks, Inc.

After the Fall by William Teets

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