Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 02/17/23

Physics and Mechanics

Lie in skin
does it fit
just right and
how does it
feel tight loose
do you like
the color the
smoothness the way
it lays across
the bones do
you like the
way it feels
when someone else
touches it or
you nick it
or cut it
or turn it
every which way
and can you
keep it clean
free of toxins
chemicals or burns
words and actions
so you can
trade it in
get credit for
repairs or just
wear it as
long as it
belongs to you.

©2023 LB Sedlacek All rights reserved.

LB Sedlacek

LB Sedlacek has had poems and stories appear in a variety of journals and zines. Her poetry books include “Swim,” “The Architect of French Fries,” “The Poet Next Door,” “Simultaneous Submissions,” “Happy Little Clouds,” and “Words and Bones.” Her short stories “Backwards Wink” and “Sight Unseen” both won 1st Place Prose for different issues of “Branches” literary magazine in 2022. Her latest fiction book is “The Jackalope Committee and Other Tales” published by Alien Buddha Press. Her fiction books include the award nominated mystery “The Glass River” and “Four Thieves of Vinegar & Other Short Stories.” LB also likes to swim and read. Find out more at:


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