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Written in Darkness by Anthony Watkins


“This collection of poems reads like old memories. Some good, some not so good, but all real in their own subtle way. Stories of hopes and dreams and childhood fantasies. Peppered with history and imagination. Illuminated photographs in the form of poetry. These words will restore your faith in the human experience.”

Cajun Mutt Press

Now Available From Cajun Mutt Press

Cajun Mutt Press is proud to announce our February release, Sharks & Butterflies by John D Robinson, featuring cover art by Janne Karlsson!

“Janne Karlsson’s cover art perfectly captures the essence of John D Robinson’s ‘Sharks and Butterflies,’ the big and powerful against the small and seemingly fragile. So, in this case, you CAN judge a book by its cover. The poems in this collection are about all things against the odds. Full of tales about struggles and triumphs.”

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Now Available from Cajun Mutt Press

Fracture Point by Rani Whitehead

In this collection, Rani Whitehead writes about her personal struggles and triumphs. These poems will make you well up with joy, laugh, cry, and yearn to be the free wild spirit that is the author. A truly beautiful volume of writing that reads like a book of hymns.


Now Available From Cajun Mutt Press

Safer Behind Popcorn by Sean Hanrahan is now available on Amazon!

In this work, Sean seeks to claim a space for gay men and all women in Hollywood. Through combining Hollywood lore, representation of gay men and women, and personal experience, he critiques as well as celebrates Hollywood. Inspired by love of movies and The Celluloid Closet, he has created a unique full-length poetry collection. Each section is loosely assembled into genres and themes: film noir, romantic comedies, slasher films, science fiction, dead stars, musicals, and melodramas. Music and television make some appearances, too.