Coming Soon From Cajun Mutt Press

Coming soon from Cajun Mutt Press, Life, by R. Keith! Keep your eyes peeled for it to be released before the end of the month…

Life, is a collection of short stories dealing with love, loss and grief set against a backdrop of vivid locations and bold situations.R. Keith’s unique style imbues each story with a rare profundity that makes each tale enjoyably memorable both in its own right and as part of this accomplished anthology.” —Adrian Hall, Visual Artist

This will be our fourth time working with Mr. Keith, the links to his other three titles are as follows:

Wild Rose Country: – pueblo chico, infierno grande – Published December 26, 2018

Around the bend – Published September 27, 2019

9999 – Published July 4, 2019

Coming Soon From Cajun Mutt Press


Dropping this weekend, the first new book release from Cajun Mutt Press since taking a publishing break because of the virus, Written in Darkness by Anthony Watkins!!! This is a beautifully executed collection of poems, but don’t take our word for it…

“Reading this collection is like finding an album of old photographs. Each one tells a story, often without context, yet they are clearly part of a bigger picture, whole lives well lived. This is poetry utterly without pretense, filled with soul, and veined with wry humour. I believe that poems should be worn and dusty, have miles on them, maybe a little barbed wire. I believe that poems should be real. Like these.”
— Steve Denehan, author of Miles of Sky Above Us, Miles of Earth Below, Cajun Mutt Press, 2019

“This remarkable group of poems reveals a nation, a world, and a life where everything teeters on edge and every object and thought swerves between lanes careening toward the end of the Great Highway. Watkins stares poverty, doom, and death in the face, sometimes in fear, sometimes with courage, but he rarely flinches. This is American poetry in the best possible sense, gritty, real, and almost impossibly tragic.”
— John Sevigny, photographer, author, El Muerto Pare el Santo 2010 (high-contrast images of prostitutes, portraits of Salvadoran gang members and life in San Salvador and Guatemala City)

Coming Soon From Cajun Mutt Press

Around the Bend by R. Keith
“This is the novel equivalent of somebody choosing ‘Tequila’ at karaoke.”
– Michael Seymour Blake
“A quietly screeching tape loop we hear in the distance but tirelessly can’t find. This collection rinses the brain clean after an attack of a thousand tiny wasp stings. Get lost inside the fog and walk among R. Keith’s eerily taciturn characters we won’t admit remind us of ourselves.”
– Chelsea Tadeyeske, editor of pitymilk press