Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 11/12/21

Ley Lines

Have we failed the stars
whom influence us?
The innocence of our beginning?
Before us stretches our regret.
Wrecked, not regaled
by the warfare exploding.
We urge our gods for thunder.
With it our delight
for our children.
A realm of water and supported gates.
Order the blood from the pigs lurking.
Sentence the destructor.
And pray among the plum fields.
Let us then dance with the artists.
Signal the spending
of celestial inspiration.
Continue with us
and declare the pastels
of our torches will not fade.
Support the spirits
of the thicket dwellers.
Show us the way.
The way of our forefathers’
sacred canoes.
Lay routes upon the public seas.
Examine us as we traverse.
Hold our hand to clean the earth.

©2021 Ferris E Jones All rights reserved.

Ferris E Jones

Ferris E Jones is an award-winning, internationally published and screenwriter living in Puyallup Washington. His work has appeared in both print and online magazines including as the featured poet for Creative Talents Unleashed. Other magazines include: Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020, Glo Mag, Piker Press, Se La Vie Writers Journal, Write on Magazine, Outlaw Poetry, Degenerate Literature 17, Tuck Magazine, The Literary Hatchet, Warriors with Wings, In Between Hangovers, and many other literary publications. He is the recipient of two grants from the Nevada Arts Council and the Editor/Publisher of Nevada Poets 2009. Ferris has twice received honorable mention awards from Writers Digest annual screenwriting contest. He is also the Author / Editor of ten collections of poetry. You can learn more about Ferris E. Jones by visiting where each month he features the work of other poets. The goal of this site is to spread the word of poetry throughout the world.

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writers, August 2019

sun moon CMP

August is upon us and the poetic stars are aligned with the Fire and Earth of Leo and Virgo, may the words of poetic hearts, minds, and souls set the world ablaze!

I have another tremendous line up in store for your reading pleasure this month, and I will be interviewing a few Cajun Mutt Press authors as well. Also, keep your eyes peeled for updates on upcoming book publications and a couple of other projects that I’ve been working on.

Below you’ll find the list of Featured Writers, and as usual, all submissions can be sent to cajunmuttpress[at]gmail[dot]com. Send 1-3 poems with a bio and author photo for featured writer spots, and manuscripts with a minimum of 100 pages.

Keep the words flowing! Remember, not only am I a publisher/editor but a poet/writer as well. We are the lifeblood of the literary scene. Small press venues and lit. mags would be nothing without us, I know this first hand. Infinite thanks for lending me little pieces of yourselves to keep the heart of Cajun Mutt Press beating strong.

With Love & Sincerity,
Write On!

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writers, August 2019:

by Damian Rucci

by Adrian Slonaker

6 Haiku
by David Estringel

Lunch Lady
by Sarah Ito

Living on Scratch Tickets
by Dan Provost

My Publisher
by Wolfgang Carstens

Tap The Veins Twice
by Kushal Poddar

by Jonathan Butcher

Tom Turkey’s Tie-Dye
by Mike Fiorito

by Jagari Mukherjee

Ancrum Road
by Kristy Niven

Don’t Give Up
by Ian Lewis Copestick

Revolution Stew
by Leah Mueller

by Fareed Agyakwah