Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 05/17/21

For a moment

For a moment
On a walk
Snowy scenery

A couple walking
Hands interwoven
Boots in sync

White painted field
Child and her mother
Making snow angels

Loners and lovers
Walking dogs
Exhaling misty air

For a moment it’s ok
For a moment I forget
For a moment I remember

©2021 Paul “Gully” Richards All rights reserved.

Paul “Gully” Richards

Paul “Gully” Richards is an American poet and short story writer. His work relies on his experience, emotions and imagination. His previous published works include The Wait (Sore Dove Press) 2013 and a self-published book of poems, Gullivor’s Travails, 2013. His recently published poems are included in several Anthology and Zines including a short story Kool-Aid Smiles, Zine 20, a collaborative segment on domestic violence. (Alien Budda Press) 2020-2021. Paul is currently working on his first novel, that may be or may not be true, Gullivor Travails, about a man and his dog finding themselves living on the streets shortly after sobriety.