Coming Soon From Cajun Mutt Press: The Mourning Hour by Frogg Corpse

Just got the proof copy for one of our upcoming books…

The Mourning Hour by Frogg Corpse drops on October 30th!!
Cover art by Eric “Rico” Rakutt.
Chapter art by W.D. Pollard.

“A memoir that presents a philosophy of nihilism. A satire on the irony of life. A dark night of nothingness. A brutal bashing of society. A debate on the value of suicide. A self-help guide for the path to destruction. An obituary on a failed and doomed world. A revelation of personal apocalypse. THE MOURNING HOUR presents the masterpiece poem rants of Frogg Corpse, a mad genius standing on the lunatic fringe of a world gone wrong. Read at your own damn risk!”

β€”Ron Whitehead, U.S. National Beat Poet Laureate