Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 11/05/11

the line he snorts
from between my tits

getting off
to his newest photo
prison pen pal

trying to fight her
after she’s gone—
Tequila Sunrise

©2021 Lori A Minor All rights reserved.

Lori A Minor

Lori A Minor is a queer, chronically ill poet and editor (#FemkuMag, Otoroshi Journal) who uses writing to heal from trauma. Her work has been featured in several journals such as Impspired, Failed Haiku, and is/let. Lori has placed in several contests, including the Touchstone Award shortlist (2017, 2019), and was selected for A New Resonance 12. She is honored to have given a presentation on social awareness in haiku at the 2019 Haiku North America Conference and looks forward to being on the schedule again this year. Lori is the author of five haikai poetry chapbooks, including Recycled Virgin.

C.M.P. Artist in Residence, David Estringel

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The Story of Us

Our asymmetries
mesh and catch like well-greased gears—
a brutal machine.

Newborn Credos

Peals of newborn babes
cry hot philosophies
of a world rushing in.

Five-Fold Kiss

My feet, knees, lips, breast,
hallowed by your witchery.
Bless me with the fifth.

Stop and Re-calibrate

We speed down our roads.
Chances to change our courses
at every red light.

A Moment of Clarity

Drunk on puppy breath
and cold gin, I am reminded
Love lasts, Life’s on loan.


Kiss me, again…again…and again
in that white muslin dress
of thigh-stretched daisies.


Tired of Love’s game,
cards fall upon the table.
Maybe, now, we win.

©David Estringel all rights reserved


David Estringel is poet and writer of fiction, creative non-fiction, & essays. His work has been accepted and/or published by Specter Magazine, Literary Juice, Foliate Oak Magazine, Terror House Magazine, Expat Press, 50 Haikus, littledeathlit, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Route 7 Review, Setu Bilingual Journal, Paper Trains Literary Journal, The Elixir Magazine, Soft Cartel, Harbinger Asylum, Briars Lit, Open Arts Forum, Cajun Mutt Press, Former People Journal, The Ugly Writers, Writ in Dust, Cephalopress, Twist in Time, Merak Magazine, Salt Water Soul, Cherry House Press, Subterranean Blue Poetry, Printed Words, Sunflower Sutras, Tulip Tree Publishing, Salt Ink, PPP Ezine, Digging through the Fat, Haiku Journal, Foxhole Magazine, The Basil O’Flaherty, Three Line Poetry, Agony Opera, Siren’s Call Ezine, Alien Buddha Press, Synchronized Chaos, Pantheon of Poesy, The @baffled Haiku Daily, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, The Blue Nib, Fishbowl Press, Horror Sleaze Trash, Rigorous Magazine, Corvus Review,, Proletaria Journal, Cherry Magazine, Bleached Butterfly, Poetry Pea (Haiku Pea), Sub Rosa Zine, TL;DR Press, Spit Poet Zine, Arthut, ICOE Press, Logos, Poetizer, Channillo, and The Good Men Project. He is currently a Contributing Editor (fiction) at Red Fez, an editor/writer/Artist in Residence at The Elixir Magazine, fiction reader at riverSedge, Poetry Editor at Fishbowl Press, Artist in Residence at Cajun Mutt Press, and columnist at Channillo. David’s first book of poetry and prose Indelible Fingerprints was published by Alien Buddha Press April 2019. David can be found on Twitter (@The_Booky_Man) and his website at