Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 12/09/22


Wandering off oft, traversing galaxies
& dream worlds

Tugging at the silver cord
From light years away

Transmitting multi-faceted

Echoing immortalities
Like campfire songs

Made of etheric bodies
Vibrating with the Clacking
Of forceful devotion

The huddled form of a pilgrim
At the crossroads next to a fire
St. Anthony of Padua like
Holding two big stones
Slamming them together in holy

While the etheric double dances wolf like
3 circles around the secret concert

Directed by the angels inside the sun

Their whispered music of hidden fire

Encrypting our entire being with the
Eternal language of creation

The energy fueling all movement as we spin
& revolve

Never ceasing cyclical breath



(meditation )

A Special “One Hit” Tonight – I’ve known this man for quite a few years &
he is slapping my face with his words – he doesn’t usually work the short
poem but goddamn, I’m impressed… so impressed this issue is just his.

This is the real McCoy, folks

It’s a Saturday night on trash mountain



-For my girlfriend-
Lost four universes beneath the fake smile
as she locomoted across the room,
snagging my soul in her leggins
my scream muted by pubes, I fell in love,
damned & tormented from the start.

Forging breath into the unique whirl of time,
I sold the signature of god as if it were mine.
This right hand, creation was easy, seven pens later,
I asked her if she knew who stole the lights
of heaven, she began gouging out her eyes,
weeping to kiss the face of dawn.

Sometimes, these words grow like weeds,
suffocating my lungs , drowning my soul,

sometimes, these words suck me off,
& leave me spent wasted & dreaming of stars

Sometimes, I miss being alone

Everlast day-

making another cup of joe,
listening to someone else’s voice;
these are just illusions I enjoy
beating my soul into the corner,
wishing / constantly wishing.

crossing the Rubicon
Tomorrow came nowhere near me,
another notebook into ash.
another year to regret.
So what’s keeping it stitched together?
maybe stupidity or fear. Or maybe it’s
just too late to turn back now.

-I love you-

seething against the sun, my headache becomes
purity/ beating the silence into submission,
these words call to you, my dark love,
hungry for your oblivious teat, I howl & whine,
waiting, dear, to be scarred one more time.

–my bitter pill- (laughing out loud)
Wanting to forget about 27 years of life.
wanting to have never been ripped from the womb.

yet too afraid of time to suicide another soul.
jokes are meant for those trapped by a word.

& my word. My word is forlorn.

Freighted for eternity,
my skull collides with time.
Have you seen the world inside you,
who is me, & you entering

Coffee, black, like hell in the morning.
can I have a bit of sugar?
Can I have a dream?

Pistol muting Gabriel’s call,
The universe is just like that first kiss.

filled with thorns.

©2022 Merritt Waldon All rights reserved.

Merritt Waldon

Merritt Waldon (born 1974 in Madison, Indiana) is a Southern Indiana poet who has been published in Road Dawgz, Sun Poetic Times, The Brooklyn Rail, Be About It Zine, River Dogs zine #1, Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts, Americans & others anthology fourth edition & sixth edition, Crisis Chronicles, Cajun Mutt Press, Thye Rye Whiskey Review, FEARLESS!, Twizted TungZ magazine, Voices from the fire(dumpster fire press), The Black Shamrock magazine,, Strange Gods of the Prairie (Gasconade Review), Cooch Behar Anthology edited by Sourav Sarkar. At midnight Christmas night 2020, Cajun Mutt Press released Oracles from a Strange Fire by Ron Whitehead & Merritt. Also, his second & third books Pistol City Blues (2021) & Madison Street Screams & Smoke Break Poems (2022) were published by Deadmans Press Ink. He has a forthcoming book from Cajun Mutt Press in 2023. More details coming soon.

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 05/18/22

for lost time

& we are

winters neck

we are not
a kiss

waiting for the

to thaw
our fragile
& we
are not

©2022 Meritt Waldon All rights reserved.

Merritt Waldon

Merritt Waldon is a 47-year-old published poet living in southern Indiana. Author of 3 books: Oracles from a Strange Fire co-authored with Ron Whitehead (Cajun Mutt Press), Pistol City Blues (Dead Mans Press Ink), and Madison Street Screams & Smoke Break Poems (Dead Mans Press Ink). He is also currently seeking to publish an art book.

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Now Available From Cajun Mutt Press: Oracles of a Strange Fire

Oracles from a Strange Fire: Poems by Merritt Waldon & Ron Whitehead

Cover Photo by Jinn Bug

In this collection, you’ll find two versions of each poem, created by two poets sharing one voice in their own distinct way. A collaboration that experiments with editing and style by Merritt Waldon & Ron Whitehead.

“Oracles from a Strange Fire: poems by Merritt Waldon and Ron Whitehead was born out of an exchange between Ron Whitehead and me. Upon receiving a gift package of books and CDs from Ron, and in the spirit of free sharing between poets, I sent Ron a handful of poems. He told me he liked them, and that he had been editing them. His words were more than welcome as I have been scarcely published, and never edited. Then it came to me: what if a book was published of my original poems, along with Ron’s edited version. on opposite pages, or next to one another, similar to bilingual editions of poetry. Ron liked the idea so I selected random poems from the past five years and sent them to him. Ron’s edits grew. Two voices became one then another voice was born. And so the birth of my first published BOOK, an experiment in language in life in living in poetry, a joint collaboration between two poets on the opposite sides of the Ohio. I proudly present Oracles from a Strange Fire.” —Merritt Waldon

“Not long ago Merritt Waldon sent me four poems and asked me if I would read them and offer feedback. I edited two of them. Often, when I edit I end up losing myself and rewriting the poem(s). Merritt suggested we do a volume of his poems accompanied by my edits/transformations. In the midst of working on some other big projects I said HellYeah! A couple of weeks later, the Oracles from a Strange Fire collaboration was completed. Merritt’s poems are on the left hand page and my edits/transformations are on the right hand page.

I’m excited for Merritt on getting his first book accepted for publication. I’m honored to be part of it. Thank you to James Dennis Casey IV and Cajun Mutt Press for publishing this experiment in poetry. Language always has been and forever will be an experiment.”
—Ron Whitehead, Kentucky Outlaw Poet