C.M.P. Poetry Grimoires Ft. Cover Art by J.D.C.IV

“Spirit Owl” & “Psychedelic Deamon Rainbow Fire”

Grab your own Poetry Grimoire from Cajun Mutt Press to write poems, spells, incantations, recipes, doodles, whatever you want!!

Great holiday gifts as well!!

Featuring original cover art by Madman Philosopher J.D.C.IV

8×11 โ€” 100 pages โ€” 35 lines per page

They can also be customized to feature YOUR art/name/quote on the cover!

Click here to purchase “Spirit Owl

Spirit Owl

Click here to purchase “Psychedelic Demon Rainbow Fire

Psychedelic Demon Rainbow Fire

Now Available from Cajun Mutt Press!

Somniloquy & Trauma in the Knottseau Well by Tim Heerdink

3 ways to order:

Contact Tim directly for a signed copy.

Tim’s online book store.


Tim Heerdink enters a nightmare landscape full force with his second full-length collection, Somniloquy & Trauma in the Knottseau Well. Following in a similar vein of The Human Remains, the poet captures alternate realities within sleep, bringing forth all that is strange & unwell in the process. Talking in his sleep, Heerdink tackles abnormal mental health along with traumas in a hell of his own creation.

Somniloquy & Trauma in the Knottseau Well is a haunted house. Each poem here another door rattling unlocked and opened on another nightmare, another monster, another ideation within myriad visions of hell. This is a walk through the dark side of imagination, poems where the last breath is crystalized like the soft focus of a stereoscope. Heerdink’s poems have that same burned hoarse whisper as Marlon Brando at the apocalypse end: the horror, the horror.”
โ€”Jason Baldinger, author of A History of Backroads Misplaced: Selected Poems 2021-20

“Is poetry dead? Does poetry still matter? Can poetry make a difference? Save a life? Even one life? Your own? Is poetry a healing art? Can poetry possibly be the path away from death in life? From suicide? Can you write your way out of the darkness? Or is life filled with too much damn pain for even poetry to save us? In Somniloquy & Trauma in the Knottseau Well, the brilliant young poet Tim Heerdink struggles with these questions and more. He’s walking a tightrope. Will he make it to the other side? I sure hope so. I’m pulling for him. Read the book and discover what this bright new Indiana voice has to say. You’ll be glad you did.”
โ€”Ron Whitehead, U.S. National Beat Poet Laureate

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writers, Nov. 2021

November reminds me of family. The Great Feast. The best part was my Nanny’s shrimp stuffed mirlitons (Chayote, the unofficial squash of New Orleans) I try to make them at home every year in her honor, but never quite hit the mark. Her name was Aunt Mary Jane, but she helped raise me, my cousins, and also our parents when they were young. Then our kids when they eventually came as well. So everyone called her Nanny. She simply called us Heart, we all had one collective name. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you’re celebrating this month/week/day or this very minute, love each other. Because we all have one collective name, Human. These moments and memories are all we really own in the end. Unless death goes digital.

Okay, enough squishiness, back to the business at hand. Y’all know what time it is! Below is this month’s lineup, and if you’d like to submit I’m about to start reading for February. Send 1-3 poems to cajunmuttpress@gmail.com with a bio and author photo. No simultaneous submissions, please. Still not taking manuscripts, but keep your eyes peeled for our next release, Somniloquy & Trauma in the Knottseau Well by Tim Heerdink! More info coming soon, awaiting the proofs.

Write On,

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writers, November 2021

My Left Sock
by Aleathia Drehmer

Nowhere and Capitalism
by AK Cola

3 Modern Haiku/Senryu
by Lori A Minor

Frailty’s Baggage – Dreaming of Jim Morrison
by Theresa Gaynord

3 Surreal Poems
by Joshua Martin

Ley Lines
by Ferris Jones

Jenny shoots up
by Emalisa Rose

Breakfast at Lucile’s
by Robert Cooperman

No TB – Please
by Hugh Blanton

A Bowerbird Implodes Above the Bank of Whys
by Jake Sheff

In The Fog
by Evie Groch

morning in new york
by Emma Geller

by Joan McNerney

Now Available From Cajun Mutt Press

Good morning/afternoon/night! Whatever time it may be in your corner of the world, I wanted to let everyone know The Adventures of Brain Man by Ron Whitehead is now available! I’ll post today’s Featured Writer for y’all in a little while as well, putting it together now.

Write On,

Ron Whitehead takes you on a journey across lands and through mindscapes in The Adventures of Brain Man. Searching for his “Other” brother, The Brain Man, who left home at seventeen for Oxford on an academic scholarship never to be seen again. Only heard about in news reports, magazine articles, and the occasional poem in various publications. After finding a mysterious and scathing letter about a book Brain had written in a secret part of the attic, Ron sets off to find his brother for answers. Ultimately finding himself in the end.

Cover Art: “Allfather” by Ryan Case
Ink, acrylic paint on watercolor paper.

Available Oct. 15th: The Adventures of Brain Man by Ron Whitehead

Holy hellโ€”this book is absolutely gorgeous! I just got the proof copy of The Adventures of Brain Man by Ron Whitehead, and somehow it turned out even better than I expected!!

Cover art by The Art of Ryan Case, premium color interior on heavy white paper, typewriter font, ravens around the titles, skulls above the numbers, it is just incredible. I dig it.

Y’all keep your eyes peeled, the release date is October 15th. This is definitely a book you want to add to your collection. Actually, I can’t wait until it’s published so I can order one for MYSELF!!

Write On,