Available/Forthcoming 2022 CMP Books

A reminder that Layers of Half-Sung Hymns by Aleathia Drehmer will be available on August 16th!!! I also wanted to give y’all a rundown of available/forthcoming 2022 releases, and talk a little about the Halloween zine/anthology.

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Available 2022 Titles:

Seven Times Down
by Wilfred Hildonen

Before the Bridges Fell
by David L O’Nan

A Home to Crouch In
by Hugh Blanton

How do you recycle a Siberian tiger?
by R. Keith

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Artist 08/06/22

“The Masks We Wear”

A comic by David Alec Knight . . .

David Alec Knight

David Alec Knight grew up in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. David has had many poems printed in American and Canadian journals and anthologies. His poems have appeared in print and/or on-line in Verse Afire, The Rye Whiskey Review, Cajun Mutt Press, The Lothlorien Poetry Journal (some poems in Leper Mosh appeared in these publications, as well as earlier versions of some poems appearing at allpoetry.com). Recent poems have appeared in the anthologies By The Wishing Tree, Poets For Ukraine Volume 1, and Muse. In 2021, David was recipient of The Ted Plantos Memorial Award for Poetry. His first book of poetry, The Heart Is A Hollow Organ, soon followed. David works in healthcare.

Coming in September from Cajun Mutt Press
Leper Mosh by David Alec Knight


“David Alec Knight’s ‘Leper Mosh‘ is an amalgamation of beauty and darkness. From waxing nostalgic about a youth of heavy metal, horror films, and comics to turning mirrors into windows of a woman’s soul, this book hits with full-throttle force. Even at its more bittersweet or softer moments, there is an underlying edge that runs the gamut of this book. With lines like: “Outside, distant sirens prowl. We reach for the first dark and our desires make light,” Knight’s repertoire of emotive language makes ‘Leper Mosh‘ a poignant read and a definite keeper. Any fan of poetry will love this book.”
—Heath Brougher, editor-in-chief of Concrete Mist Press

“The secret Knight is letting the reader in on… Well you already know, but you hide from it, you ignore it, you bury it. But, there is no getting past Knight’s willingness to dive into the morose, the malaise and the madness of life. This collection of poems is filled with gems and insight, and an unflinching look at a life unfurled.”
—Rob Azevado (Don’t Order The Calamari, Turning on The Wasp)

Coming Soon from Cajun Mutt Press

Look for Layers of Half-Sung Hymns by Aleathia Drehmer, dropping August 16th! This collection is about heartache, trauma, and one woman’s struggle to become whole. Touching on the topics of family, addiction, and loss.

“Aleathia’s father named her “truth”, and indeed this is a volume of truth-telling. A professional healer, she fearlessly speaks truth to her family karma and through the love, the beauty, and the pain takes us along on her path to wholeness.”
—Gary Maxwell, Blue Sushi

“Aleathia Drehmer’s work has always touched a part of me that few others have access to and this is no exception. I take a deep breath in with the first poem… this will be introspective; this will be a journey; this will be healing. Where else do you get more than that, than from our beginnings and that which we came? Shit, the beginnings we declare for ourselves, maybe. Aleathia’s journey through her relationship with her mother…and father, her childhood, is somehow both startling while being served with the gentlest of hands. Smart, insightful. The kind of book you want to share with your bestie. Here, read this! Top-notch, highly recommended.”
—Michele McDannold, Space Time Continuum for Dummies (Gutter Snob Press)

“We wear these garments, dwell in these temples briefly. We are short lived, sun worshipers, pale pink blossoms on a Eustacia Vye English rose. Our fine attire covering bones, dancing bones, the bones of life, loving bones. Such are the brutally honest, terribly painful, vulnerable, heart wrenching, masterfully delicately tearfully rendered poems in LAYERS of HALF-SUNG HYMNS by Aleathia Drehmer. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
—Ron Whitehead, U.S. National Beat Poet Laureate

Layers of Half-Sung Hymns

Coming Soon From Cajun Mutt Press: The Mourning Hour by Frogg Corpse

Just got the proof copy for one of our upcoming books…

The Mourning Hour by Frogg Corpse drops on October 30th!!
Cover art by Eric “Rico” Rakutt.
Chapter art by W.D. Pollard.

“A memoir that presents a philosophy of nihilism. A satire on the irony of life. A dark night of nothingness. A brutal bashing of society. A debate on the value of suicide. A self-help guide for the path to destruction. An obituary on a failed and doomed world. A revelation of personal apocalypse. THE MOURNING HOUR presents the masterpiece poem rants of Frogg Corpse, a mad genius standing on the lunatic fringe of a world gone wrong. Read at your own damn risk!”

—Ron Whitehead, U.S. National Beat Poet Laureate

Now Available from Cajun Mutt Press, Perfection is Failure by Will Mayo

Perfection is Failure by Will Mayo is a chapbook of reflections on life & death, living in the little moments between, how short our time here is, how fast it goes by, and the meaning of it all.

Grab your copy today through the link below, and please leave a review! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Perfection is Failure by Will Mayo