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Around the Bend by R. Keith
“This is the novel equivalent of somebody choosing ‘Tequila’ at karaoke.”
– Michael Seymour Blake
“A quietly screeching tape loop we hear in the distance but tirelessly can’t find. This collection rinses the brain clean after an attack of a thousand tiny wasp stings. Get lost inside the fog and walk among R. Keith’s eerily taciturn characters we won’t admit remind us of ourselves.”
– Chelsea Tadeyeske, editor of pitymilk press

Wild Rose Country by R. Keith

Now available on Amazon from Cajun Mutt Press, Wild Rose Country: – pueblo chico, infierno grande by R. Keith

“Wild Rose Country is a hell of a ride—you’ll feel like you’re being dragged to death by a pickup truck after a botched gas-n-go. From the green light, it’s death, destruction, and a veritable skid mark of tawdry degradation. This book raises rural desolation to an absurd pitch of intensity, the emotional equivalent of smoking three packs a day. If you’ve ever struggled to explain how and why you hate a small town, you’re going to get deep into Wild Rose Country—but how will you get out?” –Jeremy Stewart, author of Hidden City, winner of The Robert Kroetsch Award 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Cajun Mutt Press!

We hope y’all have a great time full of too much turkey, too much booze, too much fun, and too much damn family to last until next year! Sending positive vibes and Outlaw Gonzo Pirate Poet Love out to everyone today!

We have some great books available on Amazon, and still a few stickers left before we need to order some more. Christmas is right around the corner too, so consider picking something up for yourself or as a gift.

Happy Turkey Day,
Cajun Mutt Press


Haight by Red Focks
Absurd by Ronald P. Bremner
Dark Linings by Joanne Olivieri
Isomorphic by J.D.C.IV
Owls in Hot Rods with Pink Elephants and Dead Bats by J.D.C.IV
Death & Love/Love & Death by J.D.C.IV
Juggernaut Fuzz by Ryan Quinn Flanagan
This Many Years After the War by Matt Borczon