Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 09/15/21

Halifax Honeymoon

We spent days sightseeing,
love making in the nights.
Except for the one day
we stayed in, made love twice.
In that deepest slumber
of warm somnambulance,
love heat dreams soon gave way
no matter how such dreams
fought at the forceful dark.

The place, unfamiliar.
I was unsure how young
I was, but the stairs stretched
my legs with each step made
down the dark steep stairwell.
At the bottom was light.
It opened into a room
with one ceiling light on,
a window on the far
side of the room was blacked.
There was nothing in there
except tools on the floor.
I saw no one around
but, I was not alone.

Then I woke up screaming
and my wife embraced me
tighter and sponging up
my cold sweat with her flesh.
Chills faded with her heat.
She calmed me, reassured
that I was safe, awake.

“It’s all over now, hon,
no matter what it was.”
… Yes, it’s all over now,
whatever it had been.

©2021 David Alec Knight All rights reserved.

David Alec Knight

David Alec Knight is from Ontario, Canada and has had poems appear in Wayzegoose, People’s Poetry Letter, Canadian Writers Journal, and Verse Afire. Anthology appearances include The Sandwich/Mill Anthology, 10$ Cash Value: An Anthology Of Assets, Ellipsis…, and By The Wishing Tree. His first collection of poems, The Heart Is A Hollow Organ, will be out before year’s end. David works in healthcare.

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