Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 08/03/20

Burying the losses

Misty woods of rotting leaf to soil
The haze rises visibly from the stone
A hoot owl, wise and solemn, watches over
The burial of my only friend gone home

The chill sinks deeper into the bone
Blood gone sour and flowing slow
A breath exhaled in the fog is gone
In seconds before the moonlight glow

His body was rolled into the ground
It was all that we could do but pray
The thud of the drop the only sound
At the end of this long and dreary day

©2020 John Goodie All rights reserved.


John Goodie is a recovering programmer/analyst who found an affinity for words and began writing poems and short stories, returning to college for an English Degree and Tesol certificate to teach English to refugees and immigrants of the USA and the children and people of Spain. Now he seeks his master’s degree in English with a concentration in Multicultural and Transnational Literature.

C.M.P. Aug. 2020 Featured Writers


August is supposed to be the last days of summer, and I don’t know about y’all but this year it feels as though we didn’t even have a summer. The days are so blurred together now it doesn’t even feel like August to me. The subtle changes are the only ways I can really tell. Each sunrise comes a little later. The nights are getting cooler. Sharks begin swimming on the television screen. You know, shit like that. But life goes on and I’m more of a cold-weather kind of guy anyway. So let us raise a toast to winter months to come, and hope that 2020 doesn’t have acid snow or some other crazy form of apocalyptic madness like it’s been throwing at us all year. Hopefully, Lady Luck will deal us a good card…Cheers!

As usual, you’ll find this month’s featured writers below. And we’re always open for submissions, so if you’d like you can send 1-3 poems to along with a bio and author photo. I’m currently filling spots for November. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a new book release toward the end of the month. You can also find July’s release, Written in Darkness, in the shop section of our Facebook page.

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C.M.P. Featured Writers Aug. 2020:

Burying the Losses
by John Goodie

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by Giovanni Mangiante

by Joan McNerney

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by Dave O’Leary

by Jarrod Holgate

Lady Luck
by Rebecca Hartz

a very busy, very British day
by Paul Tanner

Snaggle Tooth
by Rob Azevedo

Survival of the Fittest
by Jenny Bell

The Empress
by Sherre Vernon

dreams, they complicate my mind
by John Sweet

The Dive Bars
by Niklas Stephenson

by John Grey

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/29/20

First Time In Detox

My first time in detox,
the fear of stopping
drinking was worse
than the actual
stopping. At least
while you’re still in
detox, when they’re
filling you up with
diazepam, giving
you plenty of good,
healthy food. I have
put on a stone and
a half, at least, each
time I’ve been in
there. The worst
part of it is the first
class fucking dick
heads that are in
there with you.
Although, if anything
it helps you to want
to stay clean to keep
away from that type
of filth. Dirty, scummy
bastards without a
single redeeming
quality. But, yes it’s
pretty easy when
you’re locked up in
The hard part starts
when you get out.

©2020 Ian Lewis Copestick All rights reserved.


Ian Lewis Copestick is a 47-year-old writer from Stoke on Trent England. Although he started writing poetry in 2001, he only started sending them out for publication 8 months ago. In this time he has had over 100 poems and 5 short stories published. He is featured in print anthologies by Alien Buddha Press and Horror Sleaze Trash. His first book Detritus Of The Drunken Night was published by Cajun Mutt Press on April 2, 2019.

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/27/20


Iridescent silken strands
intricately woven disband
For again and again
the spider will spin
Until her web of
The deadly
trap of

©2020 Lynn Long All rights reserved.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 1.38.17 PM

Lynn Long
Poet, writer, dreamer
Believer in the impossible…
Residing somewhere in time

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Written in Darkness by Anthony Watkins


“This collection of poems reads like old memories. Some good, some not so good, but all real in their own subtle way. Stories of hopes and dreams and childhood fantasies. Peppered with history and imagination. Illuminated photographs in the form of poetry. These words will restore your faith in the human experience.”

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